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Corporate Members

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) has a long and successful history of working with our corporate partners to help them better understand the landscape of community oncology.  More specifically, ACCC helps our partners to better navigate the extraordinary challenges of oncology today.

To be more responsive to our partners needs, ACCC segments our corporate partners into Advisory Councils. Each council is composed of similar companies who have parallel interests and needs. This helps ACCC be more focused in our work and communications with our partners.

Advisory Councils

ACCC corporate partners participate in one of three Advisory Councils:

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

The Industry Advisory Council is a select group of companies who have a long history of serving the oncology community and are typically established therapeutic manufacturers.

The Technical Advisory Council (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Council is comprised of healthcare service, equipment and technology companies who support cancer care community and are companies that represent non-therapeutic manufacturers.

The Emerging Companies Council (ECC)

The Emerging Companies Council allows companies that are smaller therapeutic manufacturers to create a stake in the oncology community.

Corporate Partnerships

These advisory councils represent ACCC's Corporate Partnership Program—a series of benefits that are designed to help your organization accomplish your corporate oncology goals, increase your oncology market knowledge and give your organization the ability tap into the collective wisdom of the ACCC membership.

The partnership program requires your organization to work in tandem with ACCC staff members who will translate the benefits into actionable  programs that support your corporate goals within oncology. By working together, your organization will realize an excellent "return on relationship."

Benefits of Partnering with ACCC

ACCC recognizes that each partner has different needs, whether it's improving visibility, increasing sales or building customer relations. The ACCC corporate partnership program provides opportunities that go beyond  repetitive signage, exhibits halls, and direct mail. ACCC provides our partners relevant interactions with more than 17,000 cancer professionals at over 2,000 cancer programs across the country.

ACCC members depend on us to provide them with the full scope of information necessary to keep their practices and programs at the forefront of cancer care. In response, ACCC has developed a multi-channeled informational distribution approach with its members. Our members expect:

  • Real-time information through their desktops and the interactive website.
  • A person-to-person approach with networking opportunities combined with cutting-edge information at the ACCC conference and meeting programs.
  • A more personal approach with its numerous publications and practical information for their practice.

Partnering with ACCC means that your organization can take full advantage of our multi-channeled approach to our membership. Our team will work with you to translate our benefits into tools that enhance your ability to communicate your message to the cancer community.

To learn more about the benefits and how ACCC can tailor a personal, actionable plan to accomplish your strategic goals, please contact Mike Andrews, Senior Director of Corporate Relations.

Other Partnership Opportunities

ACCC offers a full menu of partnership opportunities including exhibits, website advertising, journal advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Please see advertising and partnering opportunities.

For additional information, please contact Mike Andrews, Senior Director of Corporate Relations.