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Industry Advisory Council

Over the past decade, ACCC leadership has invited a select group of companies to join the Industry Advisory Council (IAC). IAC companies meet with the Association's Board of Trustees twice a year to discuss current issues of interest. In addition, IAC companies and ACCC leadership work together throughout the year on specific causes of mutual concern. Typically, ACCC leadership visits each IAC member's corporate office at least once a year to discuss with the product, marketing, and governmental affairs teams their current issues of concern to cancer patients and providers.

Benefits of Membership

Industry Advisory Council members receive a variety of benefits, including recognition through the ACCC network and better visibility with the nationwide cancer care community. Join the Industry Advisory Council and you will:

  • Receive timely updates on current legislative and regulatory issues
  • Gain direct contact with key oncology decision makers
  • Gain access to a forum in which to communicate their concerns
  • Have access to experts in reimbursement, practice management, and health economics.

Members can express their ideas to the oncology community and, in turn, learn what the oncology community thinks about them and their products.

Current IAC Members

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