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OSSN Industry Partners

Industry Involvement

The state oncology societies managed by ACCC welcome and invite industry and manufacturers’ involvement in their activities and programs. Industry is encouraged to participate and collaborate with providers about oncology treatment and trends via state society communication channels and educational programs.

How can industry participate with a state society?

Each state society offers at least two interactive ways to involve industry and its representatives, including:

Corporate Memberships

  • Each state oncology society offers a corporate membership based on the calendar year of January through December. These memberships are an annual partnership, offering very specific benefits that include priority registration for conferences, recognition, complimentary displays for multiple registrants, networking time, problem solving, and troubleshooting along with the integration of expertise and implementation throughout the year.


  • Each state society offers display opportunities for those companies who are not corporate members. With each display, two registrants may attend all open programs for that society’s conference. On each state society website, under the Meetings tab, there is a link for the Resource Center (displays) application for upcoming meetings. The application form is posted well in advance of the meetings, so that industry is best poised to have the necessary approval and funding for the programs. Display space is often limited and is on a first come, first served basis.

For additional information about participating with the state oncology societies contact:

Janine Sakacs
Assistant Manager, Corporate Relations

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