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Prostate Cancer Projects

Projects Overview

ACCC has developed resources for community cancer programs to help develop prostate–specific cancer services in their home communities as well as measure progress or success of their prostate–specific cancer service line.

Advocacy Issues
Prostate Cancer Programs: Developing Tools and Measuring Effectiveness in the Community Setting

ACCC members report few practical tools exist to measure progress or effectiveness of their prostate-specific cancer service line, particularly programs that treat patients with metastatic or advanced prostate cancer. They also report there is no comprehensive educational project designed specifically for cancer programs that are looking to learn from other prostate programs.

To address the needs of community-based cancer programs in their treatment of metastatic or advanced prostate cancer, this project will provide tools, materials, and data that cancer programs can apply in their specific programs to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Best Practices
Prostate Cancer "Best Practices" Project

Learn how to develop prostate–specific cancer services in your home community.

ACCC identified model programs across the country that exhibit a number of critical success factors, including:

  • Matching a prostate cancer program to identified needs in the community
  • Setting realistic program objectives based on market reality
  • Securing unbiased physician champions
  • Engaging appropriate clinical players
  • Investing in a patient advocate and/or nurse navigator position
  • Empowering patients with information and knowledge
  • Collecting and publishing standardized treatment outcomes data
  • Promoting effective marketing and outreach in the community
  • Managing the program's financial needs and resources through a detailed comparative analysis.

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