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Immunotherapies harness the power of the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. With continuing advances and expanding FDA approvals of immunotherapies for a growing number of cancers, immunotherapy is being recognized as a fourth pillar of oncology treatment.

As the immunotherapy landscape evolves, ACCC supports the multidisciplinary cancer care team with resources to integrate immunotherapy into practice:

Institute for Clinical Immuno-Oncology (ICLIO)

An ACCC Institute, ICLIO is the only initiative to prepare all members of the multidisciplinary cancer care team for the complex implementation of immuno-oncology in the community setting. ICLIO provides robust resources for staying up to date on this rapidly evolving field, as well as practical real-world information on effectively integrating immunotherapy into practice. Curated content includes eNewletters, webinars, role-specific elearning modules for physicians, nurses, and pharmacy staff, tumor-specific toolkits, and more.

To view all that ICLIO offers and learn about the newest initiatives, visit the ICLIO website at

Visit the ICLIO Website
Managing Immune-Related Adverse Events

The rapid pace of new approvals and indications in immunotherapy for cancer requires ongoing education to understand the spectrum of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) and how to effectively manage your patients’ irAEs using a multidisciplinary approach.

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Real-World Experience in Immunotherapy Delivery

Peer-to-peer learning focused on practical “how to’s” for integrating immunotherapy into practice in the community setting with a focus on physical space considerations, workflow, staffing, patient education, and lessons learned.

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Immunotherapy News

General Immunotherapy News

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Immunotherapy News—Select Clinical Journals

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