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Dispensing Pharmacy Project


Providing insight into the decision-making process and challenges involved in setting up a dispensing pharmacy.

ACCC surveys show that many practice members seek to better understand the issues associated with opening a dispensing pharmacy within a practice. As more oral anti-cancer drugs come into widespread use, will opening a dispensing pharmacy in an oncology practice enhance patient quality of care? What metrics can be used to determine whether or not to implement a dispensing pharmacy in a practice? ACCC seeks to answer this question and provide insight into the decision-making process and challenges involved in setting up a dispensing pharmacy with its educational program, Dispensing Pharmacy: An Option for Private Practices.


To describe components of a dispensing pharmacy and provide information about new oral and IV anti-cancer treatments.

To develop metrics that practices can use to determine whether starting a dispensing pharmacy is in the best interest of their particular practice and their patients.

To provide tools to measure whether patient care is enhanced by having a dispensing pharmacy in the practice.


In the first part of its educational program, ACCC conducted interviews with practices that have opened dispensing pharmacies, as well as practices that have chosen not to open a dispensing pharmacy. Here are key findings from those interviews.

Practices That Dispense Medications—What They Said

For Practices that Do Not Dispense Medications—What They Said

Final Report:

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