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Cancer Survivorship Resources


blockquoteThe successes we have reaped in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment have brought about a corresponding increase in cancer survivors. These survivors are not simply "walking away" from their "cancer experience." Instead, they are choosing to participate in survivorship groups; they are looking for additional resources; and they are becoming more informed about their disease and what to expect in the future.

ACCC members have invested great energy, time, resources, and expertise into building multidisciplinary programs that address cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. And these efforts have paid off for our cancer patients and their families. Now let's also focus on developing comprehensive cancer survivorship programs.
Christian Downs, JD, MHA
ACCC Executive Director

In 2007—2008 ACCC launched an educational project to raise awareness about the importance of comprehensive survivorship programs. As his ACCC President's Grant, then-President Richard B. Reiling, MD, FACS, led efforts to provide a full-range of educational resources. The result: ACCC's Survivorship Education Project, which has been archived here for easy access. The project was made possible through a sponsorship funded by AstraZeneca and Abraxis Oncology.

Cancer Survivorship Resources:

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