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Cancer Nutrition Programs


Proactive nutrition care is pivotal to drive quality for the patient experience.

There is increasing understanding of the important role nutrition services can play in optimizing care for patients with cancer both during and after treatment. Below are ACCC member-driven resources that support integration of nutrition services in all cancer care settings.

Telehealth—Connecting Patients with Nutrition Services
Telehealth—Connecting Patients with Nutrition Services

Through use of telehealth technology, patients at Baton Rouge General Medical Pennington Cancer Center’s three clinic locations have seamless access to nutrition services. 2016 ACCC Innovator Award recipient.

Health Info on the Go
Health Info on the Go! Community Outreach at the Farmer’s Market

Christiana Care Helen F. Graham Cancer Center shares how they developed an outreach program that integrates combined screenings (cancer risk assessment, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure testing—at a local Farmer’s Market.

Nutrition: The 7th Vital Sig
Nutrition: The 7th Vital Sign

Learn about the new “adequate nutrition” model that integrates systematic malnutrition screening of all oncology patients across their treatment, incorporating a validated malnutrition screening tool as the 7th vital sign.

A Practical Guide for Cancer Programs
Cancer Nutrition Services: A Practical Guide for Cancer Programs

Read an overview of role of cancer nutrition and its role in today’s community cancer programs. Plus, descriptions of how comprehensive nutrition services are being delivered at ACCC-member cancer programs of difference sizes.

A Quality Improvement Nutrition Program
A Quality Improvement Nutrition Program

This QI project used a screening tool to capture all oncology patients at risk for malnutrition and developed strategies to reduce or eliminate financial barriers for patients needing nutrition services.

Closing a Gap in Cancer Care
Closing a Gap in Cancer Care

By implementing a weekly outpatient nutrition clinic for patients with head and neck cancer, this 2014 ACCC Innovator Award winner improved patient quality of life and reduced the cost of care.

Fighting Cancer One Fork at a Time
The Healthy Forks Survivorship Series: Fighting Cancer One Fork at a Time

Stony Brook Cancer Center created a nutritional program for cancer survivors and their families with the aim of providing resources to help understand the necessity of providing health meals at a reasonable cost, while incorporating stress reduction and physical activity in support of a health lifestyle.

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ACCC Projects

Establishing and Improving Cancer Nutrition Programs in the Community Cancer Setting

View materials developed as part of this 2011-2012 ACCC education initiative, including archived webinars and podcasts.

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