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Gastric Cancer

Caring for patients with less common cancers, such as gastric and GE junction cancers, presents unique challenges for community–based cancer care providers. Use the resources below to find up-to-date information and resources related to these cancers.


Effective Practices in Gastric Cancer Programs

Christy DunstOnline only—Read Oncology Issues Q & A interview with Christy Dunst, MD, FACS, Providence Cancer Center, Portland, Oregon, that explores the rising incidence of and treatments for gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma, treatment options for patients, what community cancer programs can do to support care coordination, and more.

Effective Practices in Gastric Cancer ProgramsThrough a recent survey and needs assessment process, ACCC identified four member programs with expertise in treating patients with gastric cancer. Read Effective Practices in Gastric Cancer Programs to gain insight into improving care delivery for patients with gastric cancer. Three of the featured programs are serving as ACCC Community Resource Centers. ACCC members with less experience in caring for this patient population can contact any of these programs to ask questions and receive collaborative support in treating patients with gastric cancer.

Additional resources:

View infographic of ACCC's needs assessment survey conducted to help better understand the challenges that the multidisciplinary cancer care team faces in treating patients with gastric cancer.

Community Resource Centers

surveyProviders in smaller cancer programs may see just a few patients with gastric or GE junction cancers each year, keeping up with rapidly changing treatment options can be a challenge. Providers can contact ACCC Community Resource Centers for gastric and GE junction cancer to ask peer-to-peer questions and gain support. Watch our video and learn more.

Gastric/GE Junction Cancer News

General Gastric/GE Junction Cancer News

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Gastric/GE Junction Cancer News—Select Clinical Journals

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