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ACCC provides practical information on issues related to chemotherapy delivery in the hospital and practice settings of care, from staffing to infusion suite design to the latest resources on patient-centered care delivery.


Patient-Centered SchedulingPatient-Centered Scheduling: Costs & Benefits of Extending Practice Hours

This special report from ACCC examines the pros and cons of extended infusion suite hours. Included is tool to help practices and programs assess the feasibility of extending hours of care.

Improving Profitability and ServiceImproving Profitability & Service

Learn how process improvements in an outpatient infusion center may strengthen financial performance. Included are a review process for non-formulary medications and new drug or service request form.

The Philips Ambient ExperienceDesigning a Model Infusion Center: The Philips Ambient Experience

A key element in this design is the ability for patients to personalize their surroundings with lighting and other aesthetic features, giving patients an increased sense of control over their environment.

A Model Rural Chemotherapy ProgramA Model Rural Chemotherapy Program

This 2013 ACCC Innovator Award winner describes how their health system achieved the goal of establishing guidelines and standards of practice in all rural sites, both within and outside the system, to better ensure patient safety and quality care.

Oral Chemotherapy

Dispensing Pharmacy Patient Education ToolDispensing Pharmacy Patient Education Tool

Physician dispensing is governed by state law and regulated by State Boards of Pharmacy. While some states do not allow physician dispensing, most of the states that allow it require dispensing physicians to alert their patients about other options to fill their prescription(s). In response to this need, ACCC has developed this patient education tool that can be used across care settings.

A Pharmacist-Managed Oral Chemotherapy ProgramA Pharmacist-Managed Oral Chemotherapy Program

The shift from infused to oral agents has implications for patients and cancer programs. This 2011 ACCC Innovator Award winning program explains its pharmacist-managed approach.

What Your Patients Need to KnowOral Chemotherapy: What Your Patients Need to Know

Storage, handling, and disposal of oral agents; possible drug-drug and drug-food interactions; dosing requirements, a plan for missed doses, a refill process; and more on what your patients need to know about oral agents.

Oralchemo ToolsOral Therapies—A Patient-Centered Approach (Oral Chemo Adherence Tool)

Findings from this ACCC project indicate the two predictors of oral adherence and success are patients' support system and financial access. ACCC has developed this online tool to help in assessing your patients for oral therapies and in identifying areas for additional education and support.

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