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Cancer Program Guidelines

Chapter 7: Professional Education and Staff Support

Guideline I
All professionals involved in the care of patients with cancer assure the Cancer Committee of periodic educational activities that are cancer specific.

Cancer care is complex and constantly changing. The physicians, nurses, and allied personnel should renew their knowledge and skill bases to remain current.


  1. The Cancer Committee assures that all physicians, nurses, and allied personnel are participating in continuous medical education directed at all aspects of cancer care in which the individual participates. Ideally the Cancer Committee should review such activity on a yearly basis.
  2. The Cancer Committee assures that the Multidisciplinary Conferences fulfill Category I CME and CNU requirements.
  3. The Cancer Committee sponsors at least one educational activity, in addition to the conferences, yearly. These activities ideally should result from outcomes analysis and evidence-based care.  The Cancer Committee should assess all aspects of care and provide educational activities as indicated. This assessment should be presented and documented at the regular meetings. The assessment should be followed with a plan to assure currency and eliminate deficiencies.

Guideline II
All professionals are supported by the facility in their continuous education.

The facility needs to provide adequate time away from clinical activities and financial support for educational activities.


  1. The facility provides paid time, or appropriate leave, for all personnel to participate in educational activities.
  2. The facility financially supports all personnel in at least one educational opportunity yearly.

Guideline III
All registry personnel are encouraged to participate in local, state, and national meetings.

The specific activities of registrars are such that only at meetings with peers can appropriate educational activities occur.


  1. The Cancer Committee assures that all registry personnel are participating in at least one local meeting yearly. Participation at state and national meetings is encouraged.
  2. All CTRs must attend a national activity on a schedule in compliance with the Standards of the Commission on Cancer (Standard 7.2).

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