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TxSCO Legislative Issues

While the Texas Legislature is out until 2013, TxSCO is still working hard to raise its advocacy voice within the state.

Building Relationships

Similar Organizations
We are building coalitions with other organizations, including the Texas Medical Association, Texas Pain Society and US Oncology, among others. TxSCO will work with organizations like these moving forward on areas of overlapping interest.

Elected Officials
TxSCO is building relationships with Texas Senate members of the Health and Human Services Committee to ensure TxSCO is at the table for any discussions about reimbursement rate changes for patients battling cancer. Please see the TxSCO Regulatory Issues page for more information about the TxSCO response to the change in dual eligible coverage.

Federal Advocacy

NEW! Drug Shortages (March 2012)
The drug shortage crisis is growing. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other staff are spending more time and resources locating adequate supply of chemotherapies for your patients. Congress has looked at a number of different options to fix this problem, including shifting reporting requirements from providers to manufacturers when a drug comes in short supply and increasing the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) authority to expedite approval for new companies to manufacture drugs deemed to be critical and facing shortage. TxSCO continues to communicate with our federal elected officials on this critical issue. Please see an example of the letters submitted to the Texas delegation on drug shortages here.

SGR and the "Doc Fix" (February 2012)
Congress listened to the voice of TxSCO and other similar organizations and narrowly avoided crisis by stalling 27% cuts to the sustainable growth rate (SGR) in March. Since a permanent solution to the SGR was not reached, providers now face a 31% cut at the expiration of the current "doc fix" in January 2013.

TxSCO continues to advocate for a permanent solution to the SGR problem. Please see a sample letter submitted to the Texas delegation here.

Debt Crisis and Sequestration (December 2011)
TxSCO is dedicated to raising its advocacy voice both inside Texas and with our federal delegation who represent Texans. During debt negotiations last year, Congress considered slashing Medicare reimbursement across the board by two percent. TxSCO worked with other oncology state societies and other national organizations to submit letters requesting members of Congress to oppose these cuts.

See the letter TxSCO submitted to Texas members of Congress here.


The Texas Legislature is out of session until 2013. Is there something you have been thinking about that could use change? Has your practice been facing drug shortages? Are you having trouble with Medicaid? If you have an idea to make things run more smoothly—or if you have a issue that you are not sure how to solve—TxSCO can be a great resource to solve problems or raise something to the Texas Legislature. Now is the time to prepare for the next legislative session.

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