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The Voice of Oncology in North Carolina

Welcome to the North Carolina Oncology Association (NCOA)! NCOA represents the common interests of a majority of the oncologists and oncology-focused health care professionals treating cancer in North Carolina. Our mission is to provide advocacy for cancer patients and to promote standards of excellence for high-quality cancer care as well as to study, research and exchange information, experiences, and ideas leading to improvement in oncology.


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Congratulations to NCOA 2017 Outstanding Fellows!

Register for Wake Forest's Charles L. Spurr Piedmont Oncology Symposium, Sept.15-16!

NCOA Submits Letter Regarding Medicare Part B to Department of Health and Human Services

ALUNBRIG (brigatinib) Receives FDA Approval

AstraZeneca's TAGRISSO® (osimertinib) Receives FDA Full Approval

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