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The Voice of Oncology in North Carolina

Welcome to the North Carolina Oncology Association (NCOA)! NCOA represents the common interests of a majority of the oncologists and oncology-focused health care professionals treating cancer in North Carolina. Our mission is to provide advocacy for cancer patients and to promote standards of excellence for high-quality cancer care as well as to study, research and exchange information, experiences, and ideas leading to improvement in oncology.


What's New @ NCOA:

Michael Heller Visits Congressman Meadows' Office to Voice Concerns for Oncology in Current Tax Bill

Congratulations to NCOA 2017 Outstanding Fellows!

Register for Wake Forest's Charles L. Spurr Piedmont Oncology Symposium, Sept.15-16!

NCOA Submits Letter Regarding Medicare Part B to Department of Health and Human Services

ALUNBRIG (brigatinib) Receives FDA Approval

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