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IMOS Membership

Here’s what you’ll gain by becoming an IMOS member:

IMOS Brochure

Membership Categories

Regular: Physician oncology specialist in IL. Dues: $200.

Group: Four physicians in an oncology practice or university who meet the requirements of Regular membership qualify for Group membership. Dues: $800 per practice or university. Additional physicians who meet the requirements may each join as part of the Group and have the same privileges as Regular members. Dues: $50 each.*

Associate: Allied healthcare professionals including but not limited to registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, cancer registrars, administrators, office managers, or other health professionals. Dues: $50 each.

Retired: Individual eligible to be a Regular member but is no longer practicing oncology.
Dues: Complimentary

Fellow: Healthcare professional participating in an oncology subspecialty training program in IL. Dues: Complimentary

Joining Is Easy!

Join online or download an application and mail it along with your dues payment to the address provided. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Wilson, 301.984.9496 ext. 215.


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