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The Practical Cancer Pharmacy


PCP Special Webinar

Special Webinar: Archive Available
"The Financing of Hospital-based Chemotherapy: Implications for Drug Selection." This ACCC webinar is designed for medical oncologists newly affiliated with hospitals or considering a move to a hospital setting.

PCP Workbook

An easy-to-read tool for use in making choices among competing anti-cancer drugs. Available for order and download.

PCP Webinar Series

Webinar Series
A unique webinar series for pharmacists, financial officers, and administrators who contribute to decisions about which drugs should be used for cancer patients. These webinars explore a practical approach to "pharmacoeconomics," which offers the opportunity for the pharmacy and financial teams to move past the short-term orientation of considering only cost in deciding which drugs to purchase.

Webinar Chat

"Considerations in Making Good Drug Purchasing Decisions: A Case Example"

PCP Webinar Series

Cost Calculator: Instructions and Worksheets
Instructions were developed to assist in using a set of formatted Excel worksheets for computing the cost to your institution for any Part B drug.

PCP Exercise

PE Exercise
Build a decision-analytic model to estimate the relative cost-utility of two hypothetical anti-cancer drugs.

PCP Exercise

Online Virtual Poster
ACCC members share their experiences and report their successes. View our online virtual posters of lessons learned from The Practical Cancer Pharmacy project.

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This educational program was made possible through an educational grant from Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company.