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  • Oncology  Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal

Prehab-Improves Outcomes for Oncology Patients Prehab Improves Outcomes for Oncology Patients

By Messina Corder and Kathryn Duval

Mary Washington Hospital’s prehabilitation program couples physical therapy with holistic care that includes nutritional support, stress reduction strategies, and nurse navigator intervention.

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Highlights from this Issue:

Engaging Patients Assisting Primary Care Physicians in Lung Cancer ScreeningPIH Health Hospital’s nurse practitioner-run lung cancer screening program increases early detection, improves the quality and timeliness of care, and enhances provider and patient communication. Learn how PIH Health Hospital developed its program in Engaging Patients & Assisting Primary Care Physicians in Lung Cancer Screening. Plus, download:

Bridging the GapAfter hearing about the struggles cancer patients face communicating to family members—especially children—Providence Cancer Center developed a family program, which uses a group model to deliver early and ongoing intervention and support to children throughout the cancer care journey. Read Bridging the Gap: A Family Program for Parents with Cancer and their Children for more. Plus, download the Providence Cancer Center Family Program handout.

Start Small Think BigIn Fusing Clinical & Business Metrics to Improve Quality & Effect Change, Austin CyberKnife, a multi-site radiosurgery program, details its quality performance improvement project to streamline workflow, improve patient throughput, and enhance collaborative decision making.

A Community Comes Together to Help Patients with CancerThrough the generosity of the surrounding community, the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute’s Cancer Patient Support Fund is a financial safety net for many patients. Read A Community Comes Together to Help Patients with Cancer to learn about their fundraising efforts.

2015 FAN Learning LabsIn 2015 FAN Learning Labs, learn practical strategies for improving your cancer program’s financial advocacy services and other lessons gleaned from the 2015 ACCC Financial Advocacy Network (FAN) Learning Labs. Plus, download:

More From ACCC:

New Innovator Award Winner Video

  • This video from 2016 ACCC Innovator Award Winner Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center describes the program’s comprehensive outreach and screening efforts to improve access to care for underserved patients in their community.
  • Plus, read their recent blog post “Meals or Mammograms? A Decision No One Should Have to Make” for more on the award-winning initiative.
  • Learn more and hear from all of the 2016 Innovator Award winners at the ACCC National Oncology Conference, October 19-21. View the full agenda and register today.

Calling all Medical Directors and Physician Leaders: 2016 Trends in Cancer Programs Survey

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