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  • Oncology  Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal

Delivering Pharmacogenetic Testing in the Community Setting

By Mark Wagner, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Paul G. Montgomery, Jessica Monitz, Jessie Modlin, and Natalie Perry

Delivering Pharmacogenetic Testing in the Community SettingSt. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute piloted a model to facilitate the process of pharmacogenetic testing; data collection included physician acceptance to ordering tests, insurance coverage, test turn-around times, and test results.

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Highlights from this Issue:

Engaging Patients Assisting Primary Care Physicians in Lung Cancer ScreeningOncoplastic surgery combines breast cancer surgery with plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques to make the cosmetic results of lumpectomy as pleasing and natural as possible. Improving patient-centered care and creating marketing and branding differentiators are just some of the patient and programmatic benefits. Read Beyond Breast Conservation: Oncoplastic Surgery in the Community Setting for more.

Bridging the GapIn Implementation of a Health Disparities & Equity Program at the Duke Cancer Institute, read about a coordinated, comprehensive initiative to address local health disparities by leveraging community health assessments. Get tips for meeting organizational expectations, engaging in community outreach and cancer screening activities, and increasing participation in clinical research.

Start Small Think BigIn 2012, nurse researchers from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, City of Hope, and the Mount Sinai Hospital received an NCI-funded R25 grant to support the education of both clinical trial nurses and administrators. Training Community Nurses & Administrators to Implement Cancer Clinical Trials describes the program curriculum and participant evaluations.

A Community Comes Together to Help Patients with CancerWith overarching themes, including genomics, immunotherapy, precision medicine, new payment methodologies, cost of care, and practice management challenges, community oncologist Dr. Cary Presant shares his perspective in Best of ASCO 2016.

More From ACCC:

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