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  • Oncology Issues Journal
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Building a Comprehensive Oncology Rehabilitation ProgramBuilding a Comprehensive Oncology Rehabilitation Program
By Paula J. Bauer

Exercise for overall fitness; strategies to help with urinary continence, swallowing retraining, adjusting to laryngectomy; cognitive strategies for “chemobrain;” and fall prevention are just some of the components of this comprehensive program.

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Highlights from this Issue:

The NET ProgramThe Net Program describes how one community is meeting the transportation needs of its cancer patients with a bus service that has improved patient adherence to treatment plans, enhanced “on time” arrivals, and allowed patients to receive treatment close to home.

Growing  a Patient Transportation ProgramA donated car and two volunteer-drivers were the start. Read Growing a Patient Transportation Program to learn how this program has grown to include two vehicles, two part-time salaried drivers, and a program coordinator—all to ensure that patients get to their radiation and outpatient infusion appointments.

Oral Chemotherapy—What Your Patients Need  to KnowIn Oral Chemotherapy—What Your Patients Need to Know, Elizabeth Bettencourt, RN, MSN, OCN, details the information essential to patients starting oral chemotherapy, including storage, handling, and disposal of oral agents; concurrent cancer treatment and supportive care medications; possible drug/drug and drug/food interactions; dosing requirements, a plan for missed doses, and a refill process; and more.

A Time for HealingAn annual breast cancer survivors’ retreat provides multi-sensory activities, such as collaging, expressive writing exercises, healing massage, education on healthy eating and exercise, and peer support in an outdoor setting. Read A Time for Healing to learn more.

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