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Rescue Lung, Rescue LifeRescue Lung, Rescue Life
By Andrea McKee, Brady McKee, Christoph Wald, Carla Lamb, Paul J. Hesketh, and Sebastian Flacke

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center developed a CT lung screening program that eliminated self-pay rates and raised patient and physician awareness about the proven ability of CT lung screening to save lives.

Read our cover story online.

Highlights from this Issue:

A Model Rural  Chemotherapy ProgramIn A Model Rural Chemotherapy Program, Avera Cancer Institute describes how they established guidelines and standards of practice at all rural sites and created a checklist and plan that addressed safety, education, practice, compliance, and supervision when administering chemotherapy.

Disaster Charts—Information Security Nets for PatientsPost-Katrina, Baton Rouge General Pennington Cancer Center developed a disaster response plan to facilitate the quick restart of an evacuated patient’s radiation oncology treatment. Read Disaster Charts—Information Security Nets for Patients for details of their emergency plan, which includes flash drives of information given to all patients undergoing active treatment.

Ask ACCC's Community Resource CentersIn Ask ACCC's Community Resource Centers, Dr. H. Jean Khoury of Winship Cancer Institute discusses treatment protocols for chronic myeloid leukemia, including a coordinated outpatient team approach for the management of CML patients. Plus, a case study shows how enrollment on clinical trials can offer patients opportunities otherwise not readily available. Available online only, Winship Cancer Institute's CML Flow Sheet.

More From ACCC:

  • 2014 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide
    • New content in this edition includes:

      ·  Financial counselor and patient advocate position descriptions
      ·  A tool to estimate patient responsibility of treatment costs
      ·  A charge capture flow chart
      ·  Patient assistance checklist for uninsured patients
      ·  Co-pay assistance checklist

      In this digital edition you can links take you directly to the forms your patients need, post sticky-notes to yourself, and email information to your colleagues and patients.
  • The Cancer Policy Landscape
    • ACCC has identified critical issues that may impact delivery of quality care in 2014 and beyond. Read our new brochure.

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