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The Cancer Program Administrator of the Future Closing the Loop with a Post-Biopsy Breast Clinic

By Kimberly C. Hutcherson and Katherine S. Michaud

Learn how one clinic ensured more timely results to breast biopsy patients, streamlined access to specialists, and improved processes and communication with referring physicians.

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Highlights from this Issue:

A Web-Based Patient TrackerFor one cancer program, implementation of A Web-Based Patient Tracker involved identifying critical points in the patient flow process, strategies for minimizing delays, and mapping the future state of patient flow.

Advanced Practice in Oncology Nursing In Advanced Practice in Oncology Nursing, the authors discuss the core components and competencies, practice requirements, and evolving opportunities for APNs in oncology. Then, in their companion article, The NP and CNS—Advanced Practice Nurse Roles, the authors take a deep dive into the roles and responsibilities of these clinicians, outcomes and cost effectiveness studies, and the business case for adding these providers to your cancer care team.

ONc-PoWERCurrently there are no non-standardized orientation models for nurse practitioners working in specialty care. Read about an innovative web-based education resource for oncology nurse practitioners in ONc-PoWER.

How Does Your Infusion Center Measure Up?Access the results of the 2014 National Hospital Oncology Benchmark Study conducted by the Oncology Management Consulting Group in How Does Your Infusion Center Measure Up? and How Does Your Radiation Service Line Measure Up?

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