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  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal

jaIntegrating Palliative Care into a Medical Oncology Practice
By Brian Bell, Linda Harris, Patricia Hegedus, and Kathy Lindsey

Learn how a medical oncology practice and hospital partnered to develop a weekly, half-day Supportive Care Clinic. During the clinic's first nine months, patients demonstrated a 13 percent decrease in pain scores from first visit to last visit, and a 17 percent decrease in ESAS scores.

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Highlights from this Issue:

Improving Access to Oncology Genetic CounselingRead Improving Access to Oncology Genetic Counseling to find out how telehealth and a weekly chart review increased access, realized cost savings, and improved quality of care for rural patients needing genetic services.

The VIP ProgrramTo improve the care of very immunocompromised patients, this cancer program implemented The VIP Program; an “Onc Alert” that triggers the appropriate treatment protocol when patients visit the ER.

Winship at the YThe Winship at the Y program offers participants a 20 percent YMCA membership discount, as well as access to wellness coaches with specialized training in cancer survivorship.

Productivity Benchmarks for Outpatient Cancer ProgramsIn Navigating the GE Junction, discover new insights and best practices to improve the care of patients with tumors of the gastroesophageal (GE) junction. Learn about ACCC's Improving Quality Care in Gastric/GE Junction Cancer project here.

More From ACCC:

  • Financal Advocacy Network Regional Meetings
    • This fall ACCC is offering one-day Financial Advocacy Nework Regional meetings in New Jersey, Illinois, and Washington state. Designed to help sharpen the skills and knowledge base of both "beginner" and "expert" financial advocates, these meetings will feature case studies, tools, and peer-to-peer discussion on different approaches for financial advocacy. Read the agendas and register here.
  • Effective Practices in Gastric Cancer Programs
    • A new ACCC publication, Effective Practices in Gastric Cancer Programs, reveals how ACCC Community Resource Centers for gastric cancer are delivering cutting-edge care. Plus, access additional online-only resources, including University of Colorado Cancer Center's distress screening tool and Memorial Health University Medical Center's palliative care screening tool. Connecting with ACCC's Community Resource Centers for Gastric and GE Junction Cancer is easy. Learn more here.

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