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A Model Symptom Management ClinicA Model Symptom Management Clinic
By Catherine Brady-Copertino, Madelaine Binner, Susanne Tameris, Barry Meisenberg, Lynn Graze

This 2014 ACCC Innovator Award Winner implemented an evidence-based Symptom Management Clinic that improved patient satisfaction and reduced the number of ER visits and hospital admissions.

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Highlights from this Issue:

A History of Cancer Survivorship PlansPatient-Centered Specialty Practice standards can increase practice efficiency, as well as reduce ER visits, hospital admissions, and length of stay. Discover one cancer program’s journey to achieve PCSP recognition.

An EMR Driven Approach to Survivorship Care Plans Using existing program resources, this 2014 ACCC Innovator Award Winner developed a distress screening tool that was easily incorporated into daily routine—across an entire healthcare system. Read how in From Distress Screening to Solutions: Patient-Centered Support. Online only, read Matthews Center for Cancer Care’s distress screening policy.

Development and  Evolution of an Incidental Lung Lesion ProgramIn Patient-Specific Therapeutic Vaccines for Metastatic Melanoma, Dr. Robert Dillman gives a brief look at treatment options for patients with metastatic melanoma, including clinical trials using vaccines derived from autologous tumor cell lines.

The Rapid Access Chest and Lung Assessement ProgramTimothy Tyler, PharmD, FCSHP, of ACCC's Community Resource Center for Myelofibrosis, provides perspective on caring for this patient population in Ask an ACCC Community Resource Center.

More From ACCC:

  • Psychosocial Distress Screening Education Initiative
    • ACCC is pleased to partner with the American Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS) for a project titled, "Psychosocial Distress Screening," that aims to share learnings from ACCC-member centers that have successfully implemented distress screening programs with those cancer programs that are struggling with implementation. The project's overarching goal is to improve patient care and the patient experience.  Learn more here.
  • Immunotherapy Ce opportunities
    • Principles and Application in Immunotherapy of Cancer is an education series designed for multidisciplinary oncology care teams. Unique interactive webinar options—available at no cost to participating programs—will provide a full overview of the core principles of immunotherapy and a review of issues related to the clinical application of these therapies in Melanoma and Lung Cancer. Click here for details on how to participate.

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