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Access: The First Step Toward Analyzing Precision Medicine Data
By Jonathan Trent

A Student Volunteer ProgramBefore we can precisely characterize a disease, prescribe targeted medicine, and track therapy progress, we need to find a better way to order tests, store results, and share information. Read how Sylvester Cancer Center in Miami did just that by integrating precision medicine data into its electronic health record (EHR).

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Highlights from this Issue:

A Prospective Peer Review Model for Radiation Therapy Read how The Outer Banks Hospital and five other cancer programs joined forces to create a prospective peer review model for radiation therapy.

The Community Health WorkerIn Arizona, Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center leveraged the traditional Hispanic promotora, or community health worker, to reach high-risk and underserved populations.

Preparing for Value-Based Cancer Care in a Multisite Integrated Healthcare SystemMulti-site, integrated health care systems have a unique opportunity to provide patient-centered care on a large scale. Discover how Aurora Cancer Care improved their quality of care through subspecialization, consistent care processes, and more.

Oncology Disease Site Process MappingLearn how oncology disease-site process mapping can streamline your cancer program’s operations and decrease duplication of services.

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