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  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal
  • Oncology Issues Journal

QDACT - Capturing Quality Data to Improve Palliative Care QDACT—Capturing Quality Data to Improve Palliative Care
By Arif H. Kamal, Jonathan M. Nicolla, Nrupen A. Bhavsar, Frederick A.P. Friedman, Laura M. Roe, Matthew J. Harker, Amy P. Abernethy, and Janet H. Bull

Part of a regional consortium on quality in palliative care, this 2014 ACCC Innovator Award Winner developed QDACT—a web-based quality assessment tool capable of providing real-time, quarterly, and ad-hoc feedback and reporting.

Read our cover story online.

Highlights from this Issue:

Closing a Gap in Cancer CareBy implementing a weekly outpatient nutrition clinic for head and neck cancer patients, this 2014 Innovator Award Winner improved patient quality of life and reduced the cost of care. Read Closing a Gap in Cancer Care.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Cancer Prehabilitation In Improving Patient Outcomes with Cancer Prehabilitation learn how ACCC member programs are using cancer prehabilitation programs to help improve physical and functional outcomes that often translate to improved quality of life for patients.

Stop Cancer Before It StartsStop Cancer Before It Starts! A youth-based cancer prevention education program educates school-age children and teenagers on sun-safety, tobacco use, and nutrition and physical activity.

A Well Kept SecretLearn how to leverage your cancer registry to document community benefits to key stakeholders, including federal, state, and local governments in A Well-Kept Secret—Cancer Registry’s Link to Community Benefit Reporting.

More From ACCC:

  • Oral Therapies—A Patient-Centered Approach
    • This ACCC initiative assessed barriers and issues associated with oral anti-cancer therapies in the community setting. Findings indicate that the two best predictors of oral adherence and success are patients’ support system and financial access. Providing information and resources to patients to ensure that they have the support they need and the ability to cover the cost of their prescriptions will likely help to improve adherence and the patient experience. ACCC has developed an online tool to help in assessing your patient for oral therapies and in identifying areas for additional education and support.
  • ACCC Institute for Clinical Immuno-Oncology (ICLIO)
    • In June look for the launch of the ICLIO website, information on webinars and enewsletters, the ICLIO scholars program, and coming this fall—the ICLIO National Education Meeting.

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