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ACCC 43rd Annual Meeting CANCERSCAPE 2017

Lois Capps (CA-D)
Representative Lois Capps
(CA-D) addresses ACCC members during the lunch session

Highlights from the 2016
Capitol Hill Day

Nearly 70 ACCC members from 27 states participated in 84 congressional meetings for the ACCC Capitol Hill Day on Wednesday, March 2, 2016. Starting the day off, participants heard from former Senator Norm Coleman (MN), “The world belongs to those who show up, so thank you for showing up today to make difference.”

Members advocated for support for the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act (S 1566/HR 2739) and the Planning Actively for Cancer Treatment (PACT) Act (HR 2846). Throughout the day, ACCC Hill Day participants heard the message: legislators want your help to be informed about the issues and challenges affecting your cancer programs, your patients, and your community.

During a lunch address to ACCC Hill Day participants, Representative Lois Capps (CA-D), co-sponsor of the PACT Act, spoke about the critical role care planning and coordination play in ensuring patients are supported throughout their treatment. She also reiterated the importance of helping legislators understand the issues. “A cancer diagnosis is much more than a test result,” she said, [we need to] “educate our colleagues on Capitol Hill” [on the need to support patients through their cancer treatment journey].

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Former Senator Norm Coleman and ACCC Executive Director Christian G. Downs

Former Senator Norm Coleman and ACCC Executive Director,
Christian G. Downs, JD. MHA

Congressman Greg Walden (OR), third from left

The Arizona, Oregon, and Hawaii delegation
met with Congressman Greg Walden (OR), third from left

See what Capitol Hill Day 2016 participants have to say:

“Capitol Hill Day was a great event. We had four great visits with the Legislative Aids for our Senators and Congressmen in Georgia. The importance and value of this day is valuable to all cancer patients and care givers.”

“This was my first Capitol Hill experience and I was secretly suspect of the value of this process before I participated. Now I'm a believer! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity!”

“Absolutely exceptional! It was a great opportunity to see the legislative experience up close!”

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