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For Immediate Release: May 19, 2014

The Association of Community Cancer Centers Announces New Provider Resources for Improving Pancreatic Cancer Patient Care

ACCC Names Five Cancer Centers as Community Resource Centers

ROCKVILLE, Md.—The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) is pleased to announce invaluable new provider resources for delivering high-quality care to pancreatic cancer patients. Five ACCC-member institutions have been selected to serve as Community Resource Centers in its Improving Quality Care in Pancreatic Cancer project.

Despite the fact that pancreatic cancer is a less frequently seen cancer, with only about 45,000 Americans diagnosed annually, it remains the 4th leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. Representing nearly 20,000 cancer care professionals nationwide, ACCC understands that treating patients with a less common cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, can present unique challenges for providers who may have limited time and resources to incorporate emerging clinical data into practice.

ACCC Community Resource Centers are ACCC-member programs with experience in treating patients with certain less frequently seen cancers. ACCC members can reach out to a Community Resource Center and ask questions related to caring for patients with less frequently seen cancers.

ACCC's new Community Resource Centers for pancreatic cancer were selected based on their expertise in overcoming barriers in treating this disease and their commitment to providing innovative, patient-centered care. They are:

“We all have a shared goal of providing the best patient care possible for the thousands of lives that are impacted by this disease,” said Becky DeKay, MBA, ACCC President. “ACCC’s Community Resource Centers for pancreatic cancer are eager to serve as a peer-to-peer resource to any member of the multidisciplinary cancer care team, any time. ACCC’s Community Resource Centers provide an exceptional opportunity for our members to connect and expand their network of resources in caring for patients with this disease.”

A new ACCC publication highlights Effective Practices in Pancreatic Cancer Programs and provides insight into care delivery advances underway at the ACCC Community Resource Centers for pancreatic cancer.

ACCC members can connect with Community Resource Centers for pancreatic cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma, and acute promyelocytic leukemia at

To learn more about ACCC’s Community Resource Centers watch our brief video.

About the Association of Community Cancer Centers
The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) is the leading advocacy and education organization for the multidisciplinary cancer care team. Approximately 20,000 cancer care professionals from 2,000 hospitals and practices nationwide are affiliated with ACCC. Providing a national forum for addressing issues that affect community cancer programs, ACCC is recognized as the premier provider of resources for the entire oncology care team. Our members include medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, cancer program administrators and medical directors, senior hospital executives, practice managers, pharmacists, oncology nurses, radiation therapists, social workers, and cancer program data managers. For more information, visit ACCC's website at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and read our blog, ACCCBuzz.

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