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ACCC Oncology Drug Database

New Member Benefit!

ACCC’s newest resource for the multidisciplinary cancer care team is now available. The Oncology Drug Database is a comprehensive, timely, easy to use, authoritative source of information on coding, billing, and reimbursement for oncology drugs.

What Is It?

ACCC’s Oncology Drug Database is your one-stop shop for all of the information related to oncology drugs. It compiles data from multiple sites into a single, easy to navigate location. ACCC's Oncology Drug Database includes information for both provider-administered ("Part B") and prescribed ("Part D") drugs commonly used in treating cancer patients in the ambulatory setting, including both therapeutics and supportive care products.

ACCC Oncology Drug Database

Who Should Use It?

ACCC's Oncology Drug Database is a valuable tool for all cancer care team members who need to access information on drug coding, billing, and reimbursement—including physicians, oncology nurses, pharmacists, administrators, practice managers, coders and billers, and financial advocates.

How Do I Use It?

ACCC's Oncology Drug Database is easy to use. Type a drug’s generic or brand name into a search box (partial names are also accepted) to be directed to a drug-specific webpage with information for that drug, including:

You can also search for drugs alphabetically by 1) clicking on the first letter of a drug’s name (brand or generic), and 2) then selecting either the "List by Brand Name" or the "List by Generic Name" tab at the top of the table.

ACCC Oncology Drug Database

Questions on how to use ACCC's newest resource?

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