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ACCC's E-Communications Advertising Opportunities

ACCC email alerts and member communications provide sponsors with an unprecedented and cost-effective opportunity to advertise directly to a targeted and receptive audience: oncology health care professionals. For less than direct mail, ACCC email communications allow you to place your message directly in the hands of medical and radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, medical directors, oncology pharmacists, and other oncology health care professionals.

Physicians and Allied Cancer Care Professionals Choose to Receive Your Message!

The emails bring vital information needed to keep subscribers on top of legislative and drug developments...and subscribers make a point of reading through each email.

Each Wednesday, the Association of Community Cancer Centers sends its members an email communication entitled ACCConnect, which contains important legislative, regulatory, and clinical news of interest to the entire oncology team. This is an excellent way to reach ACCC members and the oncology health care community immediately and directly.

ACCC Membership

*Limit two advertisers per issue

Sent every other Wednesday.

More than 22,000 oncology healthcare professionals including medical oncologists, oncology pharmacists, and oncology nurses.

$1,500 per issue (240 x 60 pixels); $1,000 per issue (125 x 125 pixels)

Reservation Deadline:
Two weeks prior to the issue.

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