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Call for Nominations: ACCC Board of Trustees

Do you want to get involved in the leadership of ACCC and help shape the direction in which the organization, as well as the oncology profession, is heading? Well, here’s your chance! Help ACCC achieve its goal “to be the leading education and advocacy organization for the multidisciplinary cancer team” by nominating yourself or a collegue for a seat on the board. In order to be elected to the ACCC Board of Trustees, you must be formally affiliated with an ACCC Cancer Program or a Chapter Member.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of five officers* and ten Trustees, and on any given year, there are five openings for Trustee seats, as well as openings for President-Elect, and Treasurer or Secretary**.

More information on ACCC governance and leadership can be found here.

Responsibility and Time Commitment

Board members engage in activities such as reviewing the budget; approving all ACCC participation in jointly sponsored meetings and symposia; reviewing all projects and grants submitted in the name of the Association; reviewing the annual audit and engaging an auditor annually; approving formation of Chapter Members; approving new membership applications, and more. The Board of Trustees meets during the Annual Meeting, Cancerscape; the National Oncology Conference; and three times during the year by conference call.

All members of the ACCC Board of Trustees must adhere to the principles detailed in the Standards of Conduct and are required to sign it as well as a copy of the Antitrust Policy and Guide.

*ACCC Officers include: President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President.

**ACCC Treasurer and Secretary serve two-year terms. The Secretary is elected on even years, while the Treasurer is elected on odd years.

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