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Frequently Asked Questions About ACCC Awards

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Can I nominate an organization for an Award?
Yes. You may nominate an organization for the Cancer Program Member Awards (Innovator Awards) OR for the Annual Achievement Award (Individual/Organizational Award); however, only individuals can be nominated for the Clinical Research or David King Community Clinical Scientist Awards (Individual Awards).
Can I nominate myself for an award?
Yes. An individual may nominate him/herself or his/her organization for an award.
Can someone nominated in a previous year be nominated again?
Yes. There is no limit to nominations as long as they did not win an award previously.
Can I nominate someone posthumously for his or her work?
Yes. ACCC does give awards posthumously.
What is the difference between the awards?
ACCC awards are divided into three categories: Cancer Program Member Awards; Individual Awards; and Individual/Organizational Awards.
  • Cancer Program Member Awards (Innovator Awards) honor member programs that exhibit forward-thinking strategic planning and have developed pioneering programs and replicable models.
  • Individual Awards (Clinical Research and David King Community Clinical Scientist Awards) are extended annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the oncology patient, family and/or community.
  • Individual/Organizational Awards (Annual Achievement Award) recognize individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions, nationally and/or internationally, to cancer care and to patients with cancer.
How are award recipients selected?
The awards process varies depending on whether or not it is a Cancer Program Member Award, Individual Award, or an Individual/Organizational Award. In general, however, a Call for Nominations or Abstracts is issued, followed by a review and a selection period. Award recipients are honored and issued their awards during the National Oncology Conference which is held in the fall.
When will I be notified if my nominee is chosen as an Award Winner?
Award winners are notified immediately after the review period is completed.
When and where are Award Winners recognized?
Award recipients are honored and presented with their awards during the National Oncology Conference which is held in the fall.

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