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World Cancer Day 2017—Bringing the Message Home

by ACCC Communications

WCD_LOGO_4C“We can. I can.” This is the campaign slogan of World Cancer Day, an international campaign focused on increasing cancer awareness on the national, organizational, and individual level.

This February 4, 2017, the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) stands shoulder to shoulder with cancer care providers, patients, and families across the globe in recognition of World Cancer Day. Despite advances in diagnosis and treatment, each year more than 8 million people die of cancer worldwide. By the year 2025, this number is projected to increase to more than 11 million.

With the approach of World Cancer Day, ACCC salutes its members in cancer programs and practices across the country who are embodying the “We can. I can.” call to action every day, not only in caring for patients with cancer, but engaging their communities through outreach, education, and screening events throughout the whole year. Here are just a few recent examples of ACCC member initiatives:

ACCC acknowledges all of its members for their “we can” spirit that connects cancer programs and practices across the country in peer-to-peer learning—sharing knowledge, experiences, and solutions—to the benefit of the patients and the communities they serve.

February 4 World Cancer Day

WCD_LOGO_4CBy Susan van der Sommen, MHA, CMPE, Chair, ACCC Editorial Committee

A primary goal of World Cancer Day 2016 is to get people all around the world talking about cancer. Today that goal is being realized as, individually and collectively, we reflect on the global impact of this disease.

The numbers are daunting:

8.2 million – the number of people who die from cancer worldwide each year

19.3 million – the projected number of new cancer cases worldwide by the year 2025

11.5 million – the projected number of deaths worldwide from cancer in 2025

These numbers make the call to action clear, and the campaign message from the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) for World Cancer Day 2016 is empowering: “We Can. I Can.

As individuals, families, cancer care providers, and healthcare organizations across the globe observe World Cancer Day, the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) salutes its membership of more than 20,000 oncology professionals from 2,000 hospitals and practices nationwide who work on the frontlines of cancer care delivery. Medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, pharmacists, social workers, administrators, practice managers, cancer registrars, patient navigators, financial advocates, dietitians, office and clerical staff, and allied healthcare professionals—individually and through their organizations, these men and women, along with the patients they serve—face each day with a “We Can. I Can.” attitude.

On World Cancer Day 2016, the Association of Community Cancer Centers joins in the UICC call to action. Through educational efforts such as the ACCC Financial Advocacy Network, ACCC works to support our members’ “We Can. I Can.” efforts to ensure patient access to quality care and reduce of the burden of cancer.

Learn more about World Cancer Day  here.